Sweden said it had delivered 230 kg (507 lb.) of beef from the Polish slaughterhouse suspected of selling meat from unwell cows, which now hit the center of the feed misconduct.

About 250 kg of beef from the Polish slaughter was also acquired by Finland, according to the Finnish state broadcaster YLE.

It is known that beef from this plant went to nine EU countries. The EU nourishment safety service is currently investigating.

The affair began as of the hidden recording at the slaughterhouse, which were broadcast on Polish TVN 24.

The video showed cows that were too ill to be taken from trucks to the slaughterhouse. It also showed that slaughterhouse workers slaughtered corpses. In the EU, it was explained that the exporting country is in charge of for checks ahead the meat reaches foreign clients. This is not inspect at the border, as the single EU market confirm the free flow of goods.