Thousands were told to evacuate from a dam. The risk of new giving way just few days after dam collapsed is rated high.
At least 37 have dead and more than 250 people are still missing after the Friday’s disaster in Brumadinho, south-eastern Brazil.

According to the local officials, rescue efforts have been suspended because of the high water level at the second dam. Second dam is located in 220 kilometers down the Burmadinho site.

Both dams belong to Vale, Brazil’s largest mining firm.

Residents heard sirens over the Brumadinho at 5:30 local time (7:30 GMT). There are more than 39 000 people living in this region.

According to reports, emergency services used helicopters and earth-moving machines in rescue operations. However, searches for survivors have been suspended on Sunday over the fears of the second dam bursting.

As Minas Gerais, state fire department, said, about 366 people have been rescued. 23 of them have been taken to the hospital.