A 21-year-old man suspected of murdering five human, take in his parents, his girlfriend, as well as her father and younger brother, was contained in Richmond County, Virginia.

He will be transmitted to the Ascension Parish in Louisiana and will be engaged on two cases of first-degree killing, criminal practice of weapons and domestic intrusion.

Yesterday, executive from the Ascension Parish were summoned to a trailer in Gonzalez, where they located peoples Teriot, Elizabeth and Keita, vital, but with gunshot injured.

The peoples were transmitted to the clinic in Baton Rouge and pass away shortly thereafter, but not ahead they were able to recognize their son as a suspected hitman, Sheriff Vobby Voznesensky Parish Sheriff Bobby Webr told USA Today.

Mr. Webre tolld that Teriot lived with his relatives, but he was ordered to leave and not came back home.

Local executive believe that Teriot came back to his parents’ house after murdering three other victims. Two minors – 7 years old and 1 year old – were locate at the scene of the incident and are safe.