In the United States, a nurse is detained at a clinic where a woman who has been vegetative for ten years gave birth to a child. The man is suspected of rape because the patient is unable to speak and walk, which means that the child could only be conceived as a result of violence. The abuser’s fatherhood established a DNA test. He himself refused to testify.

In the United States, a nurse was arrested for raping a patient who had been in a coma for ten years. According to Fox, citing an official statement by the Arizona State Police, the woman gave birth to a child as a result of this sexual act.

According to the Phoenix Chief of Police in Arizona, Jerry Williams, whose press conference was broadcasted by local TV channels, the main suspect is a 36-year-old nurse, Nathan Sutherland, who worked at the hospital and was in the care of the patient. The DNA test revealed that he was the father of the child.

“We were working without stopping every day and night to investigate the case. The police in our city were obliged to arrest him for the sake of the victim and for the sake of a new member of our society, a defenceless child,” Williams said.

She also added that the nurse has been working at the clinic since 2011, and it remains to be seen how many times Sutherland has abused a woman during her time at the clinic.

Now Nathan Sutherland is under house arrest and is obliged to wear a special tracking device. He has also been fined $500,000 and charged with sexual abuse and mistreatment of an incapacitated person. He will be tried on January 30. Sutherland’s attorneys also insist on DNA re-examination. Until then, the medical officer had refused to comment.

It is noted that the 29-year-old victim, a nurse, is undergoing prolonged rehabilitation due to brain damage after a three-year epileptic seizure. She needs constant medical care and supervision, as the girl can only move her head and neck and make some sounds. She also reacts to sounds and recognises people she knows.

Despite the mother’s difficult condition, the child was born absolutely healthy: his upbringing will be taken care of by the girl’s parents. “We don’t choose how to get into this world,” said police officer Tommy Thomson, adding that the newborn will be cared for under the supervision of social support services.

The incident at the Arizona hospital caused a lot of publicity, and the hospital itself was criticized for failing to identify and terminate a patient’s pregnancy in time.

As noted by the doctors themselves, they did not notice any signs of “special position” of the woman until the beginning of childbirth.

After the incident in the hospital, a new rule was introduced – male doctors are not allowed to visit patients without the presence of women. Two doctors were suspended from their jobs, and the general director of the clinic wrote a letter of resignation.