Allot to eyewitnesses, the passing of a policeman from St. Louis was the result of a distorted Russian roulette game.

On Friday, prosecutors filed accusations of homicide and armed ilegall effect against 29-year-old officer Nathaniel Hendren due to the death of 24-year-old Kathleen Alix on Thursday.

Allot to eyewitnesses, shortly before one o’clock on Thursday night, the girl was on duty, met with the suspect and his partner, who were both on job and had to serve in another area.

Allot to inspectors, the trio met in the house of the suspect in the 700th quarter of Dover Street in the area of  Karondelet.

The man took out a revolver, which was not his official weapon, and emptied the cylinder with cartridges before replacing one bullet in the drum. When the gun was not fired when the trigger was pressed for the first time, the girl took the weapon, aimed it at the suspect and pulled the trigger. There was no shot.

Police said the suspect took the weapon, aimed it at the girl and pulled the trigger for the third time. There was a shot that hit the girl officer in the chest.

After the girl was shot dead, at 12.56 in the morning, two male officers sent a message to the police station that the officer needed help and took her to the district hospital, where she was declared dead.