Britain will leave the European Union in nine weeks. In order for concerned residents of the kingdom to prepare for the upcoming chaos, which is predicted by experts in the absence of a deal, the local firm began selling a special set of survival kits.

Since the British authorities have not yet agreed on how to trade with the European Union, retailers have warned about the future shortage of food and medicines from the continent due to the chaos in ports, which simply paralyzes the supply chain.

“The Brexit box is sold at a price of £295 (25.5 thousand rubles). It contains food rations for 30 days. Among them are 60 portions of frozen chicken fried chicken with curry, macaroni and cheese, dried minced meat, Mexican-style chicken, flame retardant and water filter. The shelf life of the set is 25 years.

According to manufacturer James Blake, he has already sold several hundred of these kits.

“At the moment, we are in the Brexit, which no one can control, we have no idea what’s going on. Our government doesn’t know what’s going on, but you can control what’s happening to you,” Blake said.

His retired client Linda Meyall said she didn’t believe the government’s promises that she didn’t need to buy products for Brexit and decided to take out insurance. In addition to the survival kit, she also bought detergents, which she believes could become scarce.

Meanwhile, the fact that Brexit will be held under the previously agreed scenario is already doubted even in the European Union. The E.S. negotiator Michel Barnier said that the parties should prepare a tough break without a deal.

Last Monday, British Prime Minister Theresa Mae received strong criticism from the Parliament after she presented the document on the conditions of the UK’s exit from the EU. As a result, she said she would prepare a new proposal. But there were not many changes in the new report, which was expected by the parliamentarians. Voting on the new document will take place on 29 January.

May has already said that she will not allow a second vote among British citizens on Brexit, but will withdraw from the Union in due time. In order to resolve controversial issues, in particular with the customs and border management of Northern Ireland, she proposed to the parliamentarians to hold a new round of negotiations.