A 25-year-old resident of Chicago is wanted in connection with the shooting on January 13 of a man from Rosella near his home in Rosella.

Brandon J. Foster from block 6000 on South Eberhart Avenue is wanted for uncertified case he is accused of killing 22-year-old Jerry McCray of the first degree.

The case file does not provide any explanation regarding the motive of the case. According to the documents, the order was requested on January 19 and signed by the judge on Friday.

A Cook County medical examiner stated that the victim died on January 13th from several gunshot wounds.

Law enforcement officials said they received a call at 4:10 pm. for an unconscious man in the parking lot. When they arrived at the scene, immediately began to provide assistance.

A man died at the Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove.

This incident was the third death shot in the area of ​​Rosel since June.

On June 3, Sanchez Towns-Elliot was fatally shot in a basement recording studio on Lake Street. In this case, the 30-year-old boy from Oak Park, Owen Reno, was charged with murder. On September 28th, Kyle A. Goidas, 29, from Glendale Heights, was shot while working as a security guard at a newly closed adult spa on Lake Street. 59-year-old Donald Pelka of Bartlett is accused and awaiting trial in this case.