Monday evening, between 6 and 7 p.m., both customers and workers of Orland Square Mall (State Illinois) were frightened out of existence by sounds of death. Someone was shooting near the food court.

The gunman shot two people: the first victim was taken to a hospital, but doctors couldn’t save his life, another one got a severe leg wound staying alive. The police state that the killer and victims didn’t know each other. No one knows why this happened, and most important – where is the gunfighter now?

Eyewitnesses of the crime helped to generate a sketch of the killer: a tall 20-years-old black male, dressed in black top and blue jeans. Innocent and scared visitors were sheltered in the back shop rooms.

The police exerted all the efforts to catch the suspected shooter. For the entire night, they were using drones and policeman on foot, but their attempts failed. The murderer is still on the loose.