Public services in Utah do not have enough time to deal with a snowfall – in some cities snow level reached half a meter.

Utah suffered most of all, where more than half a meter of snow piled within a day. Public utilities do not have time to clear the road – the entrances to the houses are covered with snow.

Rescue services promise to work day and night, so that people can get to work or at least to the nearest shops. In addition, classes have been canceled in most educational institutions in the region.

So far no reports have been received regarding the dead or injured in the disaster.
Local authorities say the current snowfall are the strongest in 33 years. This winter was also abnormally cold in the northeastern states of the United States – in some cities the thermometers showed minus 40 degrees Celsius.

At least 21 people died because of severe frosts, hundreds of people were hospitalized with a cold and frostbite.