In Nishin’s Company commercials Naomi Osaka appears in Anime style.

An advertisement appeared in the network, which shows the 21-year-old tennis superstar Naomi Osaka with pale skin. The tennis player’s sponsor was forced to apologize for the incident.

Naomi Osaka will play Carolina Pliskova in the Australian Open semifinals. She appeared in a Nissin ad with pale skin and brown hair. The Nissin company, which produces noodles, apologized after being accused of washing white sedge, which is half Japanese and half Haitian.

“There is no intention to whitewash,” said Nissin Guardian’s spokesman. “We recognize that we are not sensitive enough and will pay more attention to diversity in the future.

Nishin said the style of advertising was in the spirit of Takeshi Konomi’s works. He is known for his mang “Prince of Tennis” series. Until the company does not announce what will become of the announcement.

The Japan Times accused the company of missing “an opportunity to show that Japan wants to be more inclusive, diverse and dynamic, with companies like Nissin playing a leading role.”

One of the authors of the Japan Times also said: “I had foreseen Osaka because it wasn’t often the case with a woman of high skin colour in major advertising campaigns in Japan,” wrote Bay McNeil. “So when I put it on YouTube, I was genuinely disappointed that there was no woman of skin color to talk about in the ad. Instead, I found a whitewashed image of Osaka.