A great research according to the scientist was conducted and scientist paper was published in 2013. As a result, blue lamps at train stations prevented suicides at those locations. It suggested to use blue lamps more. Although scientists stand for 84% suicide rate fall by this way.

The blue lights were installed in all 29 stations of the Tokyo

This idea was caught and improved since that time. Several similar projects were conducted in many other countries. But along with the scientific stories, many details were misrepresented and passed along the way.

A number of Japanese railway companies began installing blue lamps above train station platforms since 2000s. It was another effort to reduce and eradicate the suicide rate at the train stations – a so-called “nudge” technique.

As a studies show people who had experienced psychological stress returned to a state of relaxation more quickly when they lay in a room bathed in blue light. So conclusion made by scientists is that blue light can have an effect on people’s state of mind. Conducting surveys for more than 10 years by Michiko Ueda at Waseda University, it was found that there was some evidence of an effect on passenger. It was figured out that suicides have been reduced by 84%. And this number was reported through media and was widely spread.