Thousands of Americans gathered in a small town on a popular annual festival.

Famous Pennsylvanian groundhog Phil predicted an early spring to the Americans

The ceremony of foresight has traditionally been held in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Phil hesitated for a while with his choice but eventually chose warmly and promised the Americans an early spring.

As the legend says, if Phil can see his shadow, he considers it a sign of six more weeks of bad weather and goes back into his hole. If it’s cloudy and he doesn’t see his shadow, you can put away your winter clothes sooner than expected.

The president of the  Groundhog Club  in Punxsutawney is the only person who is able to interpret Phil’s message. So every year, the groundhog sits on his tree stump and conveys his prediction to the club president, who then directs the vice president to disclose the forecast to the public.

But of course, these predictions aren’t always correct.