Today, an ex taxi service driver in Michigan, who bullets six people and injured two others upon a firing at Kalamazoo, was adjudged to life imprisonment.

The convict confessed culpable last month to six clauses of killing, two clauses of proved slayings, and eight clauses of criminal offense for February 2016 killings.

Upon the sentencing hearing at Kalamazoo County court, killer sat on a chair and squeezed his hands on his stomach when several people, take in one of the survivors, spoke.

After the arrest, the man told the to law enforcement officers that the taxi service app had inverse him into a “dollish”, and upon a fury, it chose who he would slay. In between filming, which lasted a couple of hours, convict extending to tuck up the Uber rides.

Following the declarations, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.