According to state-run media, at least 11 people, including four children, were killed as a result of the collapse of the apartment building destroyed by the war in the city of Aleppo.

The child was the only survivor after the collapse in the former rebel-seized area of  Salaheddin, which was bombarded by Syria and Russia before being captured.

Residents live in ruins throughout the country, with little that happens.

Several other buildings in Salaheddin, near the five-story block that collapsed, are on the verge of destruction.

The collapse of the building highlighted the problem of buildings that had become dangerous because of the damage caused by the war, which has yet to be repaired.

America says that now it will take from 300 to 400 billion dollars to restore the destroyed housing and infrastructure of Syria.

Russia, Iran and China, which supported Assad, have made some investments in the country. However, Western sanctions against Syria also impede the work of foreign companies.