“We cannot perform civil duties”, – the family of the Guleshovs from the Dribinsky district sent a notification to the President of Belarus. They write that they refuse passports and citizenship, and they just want to live, work on the land and not bother anyone.

Guleshovs cite the Bible and Darwin, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergey Yesenin, Socrates and the Constitution. They explain: their position and actions have a cause – concern for the future of the planet and humanity.

The house of the Guleshov family in the agro-town Korovchino does not differ from the neighboring ones. There are 5 bicycles in the yard.

“We had cars: Renault Logan, Renault Duster, Nissan X-Trail. But bicycles do not pollute the environment.

Yes, this is work, hard work on the ground,” say Andrei and Larissa. “You need to give a lot of time and effort to thank you for the earth. And do not poison it – with chemicals or plastic, without spoiling the wheels of equipment.

Varvara and school

The Guleshovs have three children. Older Roman is now 23 years old, younger Varvara is 15 years old. They are the main helpers in the household and fully share the position of parents in everything.
Roman graduated from 9 classes. Varvara – eight. For the last six months, she does not go to school, and this is a problem, according to the institution. Parents say that the child is unjustly wronged, and if she does not want to go to school, that is her right.

“We have no complaints about the family of the Guleshovs – only regret that Varvara does not attend classes,” says Inna Pachko, the director of the Korovchinskaya Secondary School. – This is my personal pain.

According to the director, Varvara studied better than her classmates, participated in competitions.

“There were no conflicts, Varvara communicated well with classmates. When in August the parents said that the child would not go to school, it was a shock for us,”  the director continues.

“Return to the Middle Ages is the only chance to save the planet”

Varvara likes working on the ground, with animals, the mother explains.

– Varvara, are you going to go back to school?

– No, I do not need it.

– What about communication with friends in school?

– At school to talk about nothing, to be honest. They have their own themes: phones, the Internet, who put likes to someone and who bought some clothes. I’m not interested with them.

Varvara like to read: Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Socrates and Schopenhauer. Books are taken in the library, and the father buys something.

I went to church once, but they kicked me out: I asked a lot of questions,” laughs Varvara ‘s father, Andrei Guleshov.

Love is the basis of everything. Love of neighbor. Without it, man destroys himself, destroys the planet.

– But you go to the store: you buy clothes, shoes, the same matches. In the hospital, probably, visited. How do you do without it when you give up the state? How will you conduct economic relations? – asked the journalists.

Money is not needed when the earth feeds. Clothes can be made by yourself, as well as shoes. So lived our ancestors. And you can be treated independently. We do not get sick…

A person needs only the land, which by birth belongs to him. The land on which a person can work.