33-year-old American Tess Holliday, known as the fattest model in the world, took pictures with a man completely naked.

They decided to expose their bodies to the camera for the sake of a new social project, apparently aimed at promoting the movement of body positivity. She released a naked picture of herself today in her Instagram account.

After lots of criticism regarding her weight and blames that she was setting a bad example to young people by being overweight Tess advised she’s ‘made peace’ with her size 24 body.

A 155-kilogram model is married, but she was photographed with another man, who in kneeling on the picture embracing her leg.

Tess received contradicting comments under her picture, many said she had right to be proud of her body – but others still saying she was a public figure and her size was not healthy.

The caption reads:

Women deserve respect, whether they are completely naked or covered head to toe.

I’m too sick to march, so I worked on this photo we shot a few weeks ago to post today. No alterations to her body or bare face have been made.

Her message comes in the wake of the second annual Women’s March, which brought hundreds of thousands of women into the streets to protest sexual harassment. 

Holliday has been making waves in the modelling industry thanks to her campaign to expand the meaning of ‘beauty’ and introduce more plus-size models to the screens. 

She told:

For so long advertising hasn’t been inclusive when it comes to plus sizes which is crazy to me. Hair and makeup are things used by everyone—it doesn’t make any sense.

It’s great to see size 14’s on the runway and it’s a big change, but the majority of women in the U.S. are a 16—where is the representation for them?

For a long time I kind of said that it was not something I wanted to do. I understand that I’m short, big, and tattooed, but after doing a couple of runway shows [last] year, my outlook changed—it was exhilarating.