On Friday, February 1, the first film about a homosexual couple appeared on screens in India. This is the first gay movie in a country where in September last year the Supreme Court quashed the law on the prosecution of homosexual relationships which was in force since 1861.

Film “What I felt when I saw the girl” (Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga) tells a story about the relationship between parents and their daughter  who is homosexual relationship. The actress Anil Kapoor and her daughter Sonam Kapoor starred in the drama.

Director of the film, Shelie Chopra Dhar, hopes her film will help overcome the gay and lesbian prevalence that is still widespread in Indian society.

Homosexual relationship was recognized as a criminal offense in India with a 10- year imprisonment sentence. Only last year this regulation was finally cancelled by India Supreme Court.