The stewardess accused the overweight disabled passenger of sexual harassment.

The incident occurred on Saturday when an EVA Air employee was on a Los Angeles-Taipei flight on Saturday.
Two hours after the flight began, a disabled man with a piggy-backed staff member helped him to use the restroom. The stewardesses raised a blanket to try to cover the man’s genitals as they took his underwear off. Stewardes claims that the man hit her on the arm and therefore she dropped the blanket, during which she saw his genitals. The man also demanded that the back of the blanket be wiped clean.
It is alleged that the man began to make loud moans and said “deeper” to the flight attendant wiping him.

Taoyuan’s flight attendants’ union argues that this is without exaggeration a sexual harassment by a fender. Yesterday, EVA Airlines published news about this incident, which mentions that airline employees may deny passengers requests if they find them unacceptable and offensive.