Russia informed that it intends to design new rocket systems after the two superpowers adjourned their participation in the armament control treaty.

The Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty banned the pair from applying short- and medium-range rockets.

America has long defendant the Russian Federation of breaching the agreement, and last week the US president declared that he would quit it. Putin followed suit.

These events increase anxiety about the new armament competition.

Today, the Russian minister told that their task was to produce new ground-based  rockets over the next two years.

Land-based rockets were  prohibited under INF, but not sea-based or air-launched missiles, which Kremlin already owned and which can be applying to produce new systems.

Washington has not yet reacted to the advertisement of Moscow, but AP news agency last week quoted Wight House officials who said that there were no instant program to test or explication rockets prohibited under INF.