U.S. President Donald Trump has been disillusioned by his lawyer Rudolf Giuliani’s recent press appearances, Associated Press reported citing three White House sources and Republicans close to the White House.
Trump’s advisors pointed to the possibility of temporarily suspending an attorney who is too talkative, at least from television interviews, the material says.

Trump told his aides that Giuliani had concealed what he believed to be a great victory – a rare public statement by U.S. Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who is in charge of the “Russian case. He called the details in the BuzzFeed publication, which refers to Trump’s instruction to lie in front of Congress to his former lawyer Michael Cohen, incorrect.

The U.S. leader said in a private conversation that Giuliani’s speeches in the media had changed the situation for the worse. However, Trump was unwilling to fire his lawyer.
On January 17, the online edition of BuzzFeed News published a story about Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. It stated, citing law enforcement sources, that Cohen had told the investigators about Trump’s order to lie to Congress about the timing of negotiations on the construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow. This information was later commented on by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who is leading the case of “Russian intervention” in the U.S. presidential election. His representative called the information in the material of the Internet resource “inaccurate”.

Earlier Giuliani disavowed his words about the construction of the “Trump Tower” in Moscow. In addition, the U.S. president’s personal lawyer, in an interview with The New Yorker, admitted that he was afraid to remain in people’s memory as the man who defended Trump.