The Mexican model took part in a frank photo session. Arre Rojas admits that after the publication of the photos she began to receive threats from her enemies.

Recently, the model organized an unusual action near the capital of Mexico. Together with the photographer, she stopped next to the gas station and got out of the car, then undressed in front of the drivers. In this unusual way, Rojas decided to protest against the violence against Latin American women.

She later posted her candid photos on her Instagram page. She soon faced a wave of angry comments. Some users even threatened her with cruelty. “I received messages in which women wanted me dead. They attacked me and criticized me, even though they didn’t even know anything about me,” the model shared. Areh hoped that the women would support her action, but it was the other way around.

Rojes didn’t expect that in the 21st century, “naked women’s bodies would be more contentious and worrying than the violence that people face every day. “It seems as if we have made violence the “norm” in our society, and nudity is more of a concern for the defenders of pseudomorality. In our schools, we need to introduce special lessons that will teach young generations to respect each other,” she said.

The model added that she was “relieved” when the photographer took the picture. “I felt free and at peace because nobody touched me, nobody said bad things to me. They were all surprised. I think they admired the naked body,” she concluded.


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