Argentinean footballer Emiliano Sala had a feeling of a plane crash while flying to Cardiff. Shortly before his plane disappeared from the radar, he left a disturbing message in a friendly group at WhatsApp.

“Hey, guys, how’s it going? Brother, I’m exhausted. I remade a bunch of things in Nantes, and now I’m on a plane that seems to be about to fall apart, flying to Cardiff.
Tomorrow everything will start, in the afternoon I will start training with a new team. We’ll see what happens. How are you, brothers and sisters, are you all right?

If in an hour and a half there will be no news from me, I do not know if they will send someone to look for me, because it is impossible to find me. God, that’s scary,” Ole quotes the words of the forward.
Recall that Sala was flying to Cardiff on a small plane PA 46 Malibu, which disappeared from the radar on Monday 23.30. At the moment, the search has not yielded any results.
On the eve of “Cardiff” reported the purchase of Emiliano Sala for 20 million euros.