Athens, January 25th. At least 133 people were detained by the Greek police for the riots that took place Thursday night at the Greek Parliament during a mass rally against the agreement between Athens and Skopje to rename the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Greek police detained 133 people in the central square of Syntagma, 10 of whom were subsequently arrested for their involvement in the clashes.

Police officers present at the rally had to use tear gas on Thursday night near the parliament walls in downtown Athens to disperse a group of young men who had been assaulted. Anarchists in gas masks and black shawls on their faces approached the monument to the Unknown Soldier and climbed the marble stairs leading to the entrance to the parliament. There had already been a special forces detachment fully equipped with helmets, gas masks and plastic shields in their hands. The young men started throwing rocks, sticks and light rockets at the police and immediately used tear gas in response.

As a result, a suffocating cloud of tear gas began to spread across the square, and the demonstrators, who came to Parliament with Greek flags and banners, were forced to disperse in haste.

The organizers announced in megaphones that it is necessary to continue the fight and on Friday to come to a new rally at 11:00 a.m. to the Parliament. It is expected that on Friday afternoon the parliament will vote on the agreement with Skopje.