Iraqi President Barham Saleh blamed the president of America for his comments on how he wants to keep the US military presence in Iraq to monitor Iran.

Yesterday, the head of the White House told that he was going to retain the “amazing” base used by American forces to struggle  the Islamic State jihadist group, as he desired to keep an eye on Iran.

Today, the head of Iraq said that America did not ask Iraq’s resolution to do that.

It must fight terrorism and not chase other goals, he added.

According to the data, there are about 5,000 US soldiers in Iraq who are authorized to train, advise and assist the Iraqi safety troops in their struggle against extremists, who have not guided any area of the country for more than a year.

Mr. Trump noted that the troops will soon be relocating to the huge al-Asad airbase in the Iraqi province of Anbar, and that their new tasks will be to defend Israel and monitor Iran, which its government blames for being the world’s principal promoter terrorism and wants to obtain nuclear weapons.

But these statements induced a hurly-burly in Iraq, which is a close associate of Iran.