The separatist movement in the Indonesian province of West Papua filed a appeal with 1.8 million touches requiring a ballot on independence in the United States that the head of US peoples rights Michelle Bachelet told Reuters on Friday after the gathering .

Benny Wenda, leader of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), tolld he expected that the United Nations would pass a fact-finding mission to the province to corrobarate statement of peoples rights violations.

He said that the Western Papuans have no freedom of speech or convention, and the only way to be listen to is through a appeal touched by almost three-quarters of the 2.5 million humans.

He tolld that he also spoke with Bachelet about the situation in the Nduga region, where he said that at least 11 humans were killed and even more could have died after fleeing into the bushes to avoid the Indonesian forces, and 22,000 people were moved .

The province’s army spokesman, Mohammed Aidi, said the charges were unfounded.

Last month, members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) military wing argue obligation for the killing of at least 16 humans working on a bridge on a high-profile road plane, and one soldier in the Ndugi area.

The provincial governor eventually summon for an end to the rebel chase, stating that the villagers were injured.