A Stewardess got very drunk on a yacht, slipped on the stairs and died of her injuries at the scene. 

This took place in July in the midst of the World Cup in Russia in 2018 during the victory of England in one of the matches of the championship. The details of the incident are only now known. Rebecca Boyle, 32, worked on the Italian yacht La Polonia, which costs £6 million.

On July 3, after the entire crew returned after watching the football match in an Italian bar, Boyle was intoxicated at night and the next morning one of the yacht’s employees found her body, having suffered numerous injuries. A yacht officer said he heard a loud knock at night and Boyle’s cabin was ringing an alarm clock in the morning for a long time.

The investigation revealed that Boyle was returning to the hut with severe alcoholic intoxication, which caused her to slip on the steep steps and break her spine and neck while she fell. Death occurred as a result of the fractures.