Two French newsmen who were captured by radicals of the Islamic State in Syria, testified against a man defendant of killing four men at the Brussels Jewish Museum in May 2014.

The suspect, 33, denied killing an Israeli couple, a local worker and a French volunteer at the museum.

He ostensibly traveled to Syria in January 2013, and in France he faces a separate lawsuit for his supposed role as gaoler of the Islamic State.

Of the 23 foreign prisoners held by the IS, eight were in Aleppo, all of their captors were part of the structure and participated in organizing the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels in November 2015 and March 2016.

The victim told the court that the extremist was a sadist as he was full of hatred – “anti-semitic hatred”. He said that the terrorist admired the killer of jihadists from Toulouse and hated Shiite Muslims.

A second journalist stated that he had no doubt that the suspect was torturing Syrian prisoners. His former prisoner reported that the gunman beat them while going to the toilet, when they were blindfolded.

When asked by the federal prosecutor whether he had ever met with two journalists, the defendant refused to answer. The trial continues.