According to a spokesman for the United States Department of Defense today, the Pentagon dispatches 250 regular military servicemen to the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, before the arrival of a new migrant caravan.

This step reflects the mention of the head of the White House “human wall” but takes place against the background of growing discontent of the leaders of the military department with the constant requests of the Minister of the Interior for the border.

In accordance with the new directive, troops will be moved from Arizona to Texas and – as a sign of disappointment at the Pentagon – will not represent an increase in the total number of America troops assigned to the border mission.

According to the military, additional troops will be military police, medical personnel and engineers who will support the strengthening of ports of entry.

At the Pentagon, there are now about 2,400 regular army personnel deployed in a border mission, and this number is expected to increase at the end of this month.