What are you guided by when choosing a hotel? Color range? Clear white sheets?

What about the interior, decorated with sausages, sausage-shaped pillows and IRL frankfurters hanging on hooks on the wall?

Welcome to the B & B Hotel Boebel Bratwurst in the small village of Rittersbach, near Nuremberg, Germany, which claims to be the world’s first frankfurters inn.

Its owner is a fourth-generation German butcher, and a frankfurters-themed guest house is located next to his family’s butcher’s shop in a redone barn.

This is quite attractive, but perhaps the man was thinking: travel based on practice, after all, is currently one of the hottest tourism trends. The bed and breakfast hotel was started last September, and the owner claims that guests from all over the global have already visited his inn.

The guest house is not just a “imitation” of sausages. At the on-site restaurant, guests can relish signature frankfurters and cooking classes.

Despite widespread press coverage and interest from travelers around the globe, the inn owner is not interested in augmenting his business or franchising.