A search team found the wreckage in the area where a private plane with football player Emiliano Saloy disappeared on board. This was told by the Sky Sports Air Search Officer of the Normandy Islands, John Fitzgerald, who heads the operation.

According to the officer, a pillow, a bright orange object, a box and a lot of white objects floating around a piece of metal were found at sea. The origin of the wreckage has not yet been established.

Guernsey police in the area where the incident occurred offered four versions of the incident on Twitter: the plane landed somewhere but didn’t make contact; the plane landed on the water and the passengers were picked up by the ship, but they still haven’t been contacted; the plane landed on the water and the passengers were drifting on a life raft that was on board; the plane crashed after hitting the water and all the passengers were at sea.

The search for the aircraft continues. According to the police, three planes and a helicopter are operating at the probable crash site. The average water temperature in the Channel in January is eight degrees Celsius.
Sala was on his way from Nantes to Cardiff on January 22 by private jet. Before leaving, he sent a message to a friend in which he expressed concern about the condition of the plane. He also said he was afraid. While flying over the Channel, the plane disappeared from the radar.

The Club of the English Premier League “Cardiff City” paid for the transfer of Salava to the French “Nantes” 20 million euros, making a record deal in its history. The contract was signed on January 20.