The experts concluded that the probable reason for the disappearance of the private jet with Argentine footballer Emiliano Saloy on board was the icing on the wings of the ship.

Experts suggested that the plane first hovered in the air and then fell into the sea. According to them, this is directly indicated by the information in the last audio message of the athlete to his friends that “the plane is about to fall apart”.

The footballer sent a voicemail to WhatsApp, telling his teammates he was scared.

28-year-old Emiliano Sala moved to Welsh Cardiff City from French Nantes. On January 22, the athlete said goodbye to his club colleagues and flew to Cardiff by private jet. However, after leaving France, the ship did not appear in the airspace of Wales. 40 minutes after takeoff, the pilot requested an emergency landing on Guernsey Island off the coast of Normandy. The message came at a time when the plane was at an altitude of about 1500 meters, communication with it was lost when it fell to 700 meters.

Two helicopters and a coast guard boat were sent in search of the probable crash site. Later, air search officer John Fitzgerald reported that rescuers had found a “pillow, a bright orange object”. The search and rescue operation continues.