Gardener Bruce McArthur, 67, pleaded guilty to 8 counts of first-degree murder this Tuesday.

McArthur was arrested last January on suspicion of the murder of two men who had gone missing in 2017. The police investigated the locations around Toronto where McArthur worked as a gardener and found the dismembered remains of seven missing men in large planters in the garden of the Mallory Crescent home. The remains of the eighth victim were found in the ravine not far from the same site.

McArthur pleaded guilty to the murder of all eight victims. Many of the victims were from the Gay Village, Toronto’s largest gay community. McArthur had a sexual relationship with some of the victims, the police reported.

McArtur is the father of two grown-up children. His co-worker described him as a moody, opinionated person. Some people who have known him said they would never suspect him, he looked as harmless as Santa Claus.