Political strategist Roger Stone, an old associate of acting President , was detained in Florida on suspicion of seven counts in the Muller situation.

The prosecution is built on a single point, which tips to the obstacles to the official investigation, five points of false evidence and one point about untrue informant testimony.

The prosecution are linked to a probable burglary, with the assistance of Russia, the mail of officials of the Democratic Party.

The data that was there was posted on Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN reports that FBI agents detained a suspect during a raid on Friday morning. After reports of the arrest of his longtime associate, the US president again began an investigation on Russia on Twitter.

What is he incriminated to?

The special lawyer stated that the suspect prevented the inspection of the Russian intervention:

The indictment does not state that the suspect carried out any illegal activity during the election.

What did Roger Stone retort?

He was released on bail of $ 250,000 (£ 189,000), but with restrictions that allow him to attend courts in Florida, Washington and New York.

Mr. Stone left the court, smiling broadly. He insisted on his innocence, and also stated that next week he did not officially plead guilty to charges in a Washington court, calling himself a “politically motivated investigation”.