In the opinion to the army, at brief seven humans were murdered and 35 people wounded in time a church service in the southern Philippines as a consequence of the double attaking, a couple of days after the overwhelming Muslim population supported bigger autonomy in the ballot.

The first blast destroyed two ordinary citizen and injured 20 other parishioners inner Jolo’s duomo  in Sulu province, and the second blast destroyed five soldiers in the parking place of the chapel, tolld a spokesman for the Western Mindanao army command.

The second blast mechanism was blow up when the soldiers react to the early assault  inner the chapel, and 15 other members of the safety forces were damaged.

The authorities project to make a self-governing region for Muslim-control areas of Mindanao was supported by 85 percent of voters in the ballot last Monday, which paved the path for a three-year change to legislative primary that will elect the chief branch.