The social network announced today that it has revealed and closed disinformation and government-supported trolling operations from thousands of accounts from five different countries, including Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

The platform reports that the Russian operation reflected the campaign tactics of 2016 by the Internet Research Agency, supported by the Kremlin organization, whose employees were accused of trying to intervene in the US elections in favor of President Donald Trump.

As stated in the social network, all Russian accounts were deleted before the mid-term elections in 2018.

They also added that they closed down 1196 accounts, which are unequivocally attributed to the government of Venezuela, who conducted propaganda in favor of the armed president of the country, Nicolas Maduro.

More than 2,600 Iranian troll accounts targeting the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were destroyed during the purge. Previous Iranian troll accounts tried to disguise themselves as American news agencies and worked in the interests of Iran, which sometimes meant spreading anti-trump stories to American users.