Tour “Sweetener” to approach us! As the tour is near, the artist will make sure that her ex, Ricky Alvarez, will join her on the road. That’s why!

Fans of the singer can see a familiar face when they visit a tour of the sweetener of the singer! The girl and her ex, are still best friends, and fans are convinced that they will be together when she goes on a national tour. The assumption is based on some not very transparent hints on social networks! When the former celebrity posted a picture from the girl’s party “7 rings”, the star commented on this. In addition, she noted a snapshot of a guy on social networks in some of her photos.

Does Ricky’s name sound familiar? Celebrity made fun of her friend in 2018, firing a loud “Thank U, Next”. The actress publicly apologized to him for giving him the “worst line” in the song! After the album was released, he posted a video with himself, listening to the song, and gaily looked at his confused face while the name was falling. The girl later responded to her IG story with a screenshot of her post! Fans have not forgotten that Ricky was once a star backup dancer! The singer and her former dancer were in a relationship from the beginning of 2015 to the middle of 2016, but now they are strictly friends. It seems that the resumption of their relationship is impossible, because now the girl is dedicated to the only life! In fact, the girl has already closed the opportunity. When the fans got angry after the performer posted a picture of a guy in December 2018, she corrected the situation.

Why can’t ex be friends ?! It is clear that our heroes are coping with this, and we hope that we will see that they will take the stage very soon together!