The pub in Adelaide has one method to alleviate the discomfort of hot weather by offering free beer if the temperature reaches above 45C.

The Red Lion Hotel in Elizabeth North opened its “beer meter” in March last year, but the heat of the past few weeks really tested everyone for strength.

Above 40C, the price of a Red Lion beer drops to 3 dollars. More than 42C and beer costs 1 dollar. Over 45C and it’s free. Hotel owner Stephen Firth said that the temperature is not the only thing that gets hot. Phones also could not withstand the load as people called and clarified whether this is true. On Wednesday afternoon, they ran out of glasses, as they served the schooners. The visitor can also choose draft beer – only Stella is not included in the menu.   

If the temperature is 42C, they sell beer at $ 1 per pint. This is not a bad deal. Hardly anywhere else there is a similar pub.

The temperature is measured by the Bureau of Meteorological Readings in Edinburgh – the closest sensor to the pub. If in 10 minutes the temperature exceeds 45 ° C, then it will be free beer in 10 minutes.

The Bureau of Meteorology states that Adelaide’s 80-year record may be broken this Thursday as the city and its healthcare system are preparing for a new high of 45 ° C and even higher in other parts of the state.