Pope Francis confirmed that the clergymen committed sexual misuse of votaress, and there was a case when they were comprised as sexual slaves.

Regarding this episode, his precursor, Pope Benedict, was forced to close an entire congregation of votaress who had been misused by the chaplains.

It is believed that for the first time the pontiff recognized the sexual misuse of votaress by the clergy.

Holy Father’s discussion comes amid long-standing prosecutions of sexual misuse of children and young people by chaplains in the Church.

Speaking to journalists during a historic tour of the Middle East yesterday, he admitted that the Church has a problem whose roots lie in “seeing women as a second class.”

Vicar of Christ stated that the sexual misuse of votaress was a constant problem, but occurred mostly in “certain assemblies, usually new ones.”

Just a few days ago, the Vatican women’s magazine condemned the violence, stating that in some cases the votaress had to throw away the children of priests – which Catholicism prohibits.