Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s opposition leader, have had a secret meeting with the army to earn its support against President Nicolás Maduro. Venezuelan Army has not commented this statement yet.

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó

Juan Guaidó, Head of National Assembly, declared himself as interim president earlier this month. He was immediately recognized by the US and several European as well as Latin American countries. While Russia and China claim military support is very crucial for Maduro to hold on power.

Political crisis started after controversial votes when Maduro has been re-elected for his second presidential term. Many candidates from opposition were banned from running to presidency or even jailed.

New York Times quotes Mr.Guaido, “We have had clandestine meetings with members of the armed forces and the security forces”. He added that “The military’s withdrawal of support from Mr Maduro is crucial to enabling a change in government, and the majority of those in service agree that the country’s recent travails are untenable.”

The armed forces have so far supported Mr. Maduro’s government

As it comes from New York Times article, opposition has offered an amnesty to the armed forces backing Mr.Maduro’s governance. Guaido said that armed forces will not be “found guilty of crimes against humanity”.

Mr. Guaido has claimed earlier that as a head of Venezuela’s National Assembly, the constitution allows him to take office when the government is claimed to be illegitimate.

He has been banned from leaving the country by the Venezuela’s Supreme Court and his bank accounts were frozen. However, Mr.Maduro have Russia and China along with Turkey and Iran backing him. It was denied by the Russian officials that Russia sent its mercenaries to protect Maduro. But most Latin American countries, despite of Mexico and Uruguay, have recognized Maduro’s government illegitimate. Mexico and Uruguay call for a dialogue between two sides.