Today, the state secretary told that the United States is slowing down the medium-range nuclear arms agreement, a main agreement with Russia, which has been central European safety since the Cold War.

Such a catch, which has increased disturbance about the restoration of the wepons race with Moscow and set the European partners in a hazardous position, will come into force on Saturday. The statement begins the 180-day clock to accomplished the retreat, if Russia does not comeback to acceptance with the 1987 pact.

The President of America and his high-ranking officials have made it clear for several months that they are ready to withdraw from the INF Treaty, which the US has accused of breaking Moscow since 2014.

Russia and the United States are the only parties to the pact, but this significantly affects European safety.

A NATO application told that the US partners “fully endorsement” the White House’s decision because of Russia’s threat to Euro-Atlantic safety and its rejection to give any trustworthy reply or take any steps towards full and verifiable compliance.