News is added on 02/15/2019

The winter storm hit the eastern and western coasts of Canada. Many schools and businesses are closed today. Traffic is broken, according to CBS.

Weather: -4°C, heavy snow fall and 11 Knots of head wind. Vancouver International airport.

Snowfalls, freezing rain and powerful winds struck Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, as well as parts of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Wind speed reached 80 km / h. In Montreal, about 30 cm of snow fell.

Many of the flights at the airports of Montreal, Quebec, Fredericton, Halifax and Charlottetown have been delayed or postponed. Mass crash flights occurred in Toronto.

The weather caused a massive closure of schools, tourist attractions and municipal services.
Information on the dead or affected by the winter storm is not reported.

Snowfall continues February 15th. Weather forecasters report that the snowfall will end only by Saturday.