The other day, the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei suffered another shock when one of the world’s most powerful wireless carriers froze their purchases from a company in Europe due to suspicions about its ties to the Chinese administration.

Vodafone Group, which is located in the capital of England, announced that for now it will stop purchasing Huawei appliances for the main parts of its new age of wireless networks, popular as 5G. Vodafone solution displays political factors, not revealed vulnerabilities. The concern pursued a campaign by American officials who said that China may use the company’s appliances for surveillance.

Old World has become a major battlefield for Huawei, the world’s bigest telecommunications appliances provider. The territory is the company’s second bigest market after China, mainly due to its lucrative partnership with telecom operators. In opposite to drawn relations with America, the giant also fuels close ties with European administration,fractionally thanks to stake made throughout the area . America forsed its European partners to increment control over Huawei.