Will Mercedes Retain Their Leader Positions in Formula 1? Toto Wolff’s Opinion

Last season of Formula 1 brought Mercedes AMG Petronas as many as 5 titles in a row. Will the team retain its leading positions in 2019 season? Let’s hear Toto Wolff’s (Mercedes chief) opinion.

Last season of Formula 1 brought Mercedes AMG Petronas as many as 5 titles in a row.

Pre-season tests start next week, but Toto Wolff believes that the cars will undergo a real test only during the qualifying sessions in Australia.

New technical regulations have come into force this year, so many changes have to be considered. The teams had to start from scratch, meaning that they had an opportunity to assemble a car that would bring them victory in Formula 1 races. We look forward to seeing how the teams managed to cope with the challenge.

Toto Wolff met Hamilton and Bottas after the winter holidays. Last season turned out to be hot, so the teams needed to take a break. Lewis came back to Mercedes with renewed vigor.

Hamilton signed a contract with Mercedes that lasts until 2020, and Bottas until the end of 2019.

“We won five titles in a row, but it doesn’t mean that we are going to lose our positions”, told Wolff.

The teams had to start from scratch and built a car that help them take top positions in 2019 season of Formula 1. We all soon will be watching teams facing new challenges, and find out whether Mercedes AMG Petronas will retain its leadership.

Recently Toto Wolff revealed the sound of the new Mercedes AMG Petronas’s engine on his Facebook page. He added “Turn that volume right up. You’re gonna want to hear this… The W10 is alive!”.

Whether the car is going to be as impressing on the run, we will find out very soon. Formula 1 starts on March, 17, with the season finale in Abu Dhabi on December, 1.