Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych accused representatives of the EU countries that they deceived him in February 2014, calling for an agreement with the Ukrainian opposition.

“EU countries meanly recognized as legitimate my removal from power ” the former president of Ukraine said.

The ex-president of Ukraine - Yanukovych.

The ex-president of Ukraine said that a few days ago he returned to Russia from abroad, where he was being treated. At that time, in absentia, the court in Kiev gave Yanukovych a sentence on charges of treason, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Yanukovych harshly criticized the Ukrainian authorities, accusing President Petro Poroshenko of unwillingness to “return peace” to the country. According to Yanukovych, Ukraine has become a “hotbed of war and instability,” and the EU, the US and, of course, Russia were “unwittingly” involved in the conflict.

Yanukovych also criticized the economic policy of the Ukrainian authorities, saying that 5 years since Maidan were “the blackest” in its history as an independent state. He also criticized the authorities in Kiev for supporting the autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine. According to Yanukovych, the presidential election in March 2019 will not be fair and free.

The verdict was pronounced by the court in Kiev on January 24 of this year. He was substantiated by the fact that Yanukovich’s actions led to “the occupation of the Crimea by Russia, the outbreak of the conflict in the Donbas and the infliction of losses for Ukraine.”