Amazon Joins Hands With Ginger As It Forays Into Mental Health Care

Amazon has recently partnered with mental health care provider Ginger to expand its health and wellness offerings. Amazon Care will coordinate with Ginger therapists and psychiatrists to provide services to customers. It will also offer a primary care service to address common mental health concerns. The service will also offer prescription delivery and virtual health visits.

While Ginger is known for its popular meditation app, it has been trying to expand into more clinical offerings. It hopes to get its meditation app approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by 2020. COO Karan Singh says the new merger will enable the company to provide a more complete line of mental health products. It will also allow Ginger to offer sleep treatments and investigate the root cause of lack of sleep.

The deal with Ginger follows the company’s recent merger with mindfulness app Headspace, which aims to expand its reach in the mental health care market. The two companies have a combined reach of about 100 million consumers. Initially, they wanted to develop prescriptive treatments for migraines, but they’ve since changed their focus to prioritize mental health.

The new partnership between Amazon and Ginger will offer on-demand behavioral health services to Amazon Care subscribers. These virtual mental health services will allow users to connect with behavioral health coaches, certified therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals. The partnership will be limited to the United States. Amazon has not announced a date for the new service, but Ginger has declined to comment. If it launches, the service will be available in many parts of the U.S.

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