How to Improve Your Basketball Jump Shot

A player should focus on the ball when shooting. It should be as close to the rim as possible and not look up or down at the basket. When shooting, the elbow should be extended and under the wrist. This position will provide extra power. Also, the player should extend his fingers in a gooseneck motion.

There are many ways to improve your jump shot. The first method is to practice your form. Practice shooting five form shots from different spots, making note of your makes and mistakes. Ideally, you should shoot at least one hundred form shots per training session. Aim to hit five perfect makes from every spot, even if it takes a few weeks or months.

A proper jump starts with proper footwork. This is the most important part of shooting. If your footwork is not good, it will affect other shots. To improve your footwork, you need to perform thousands of reps. You can also enroll in basketball camps run by Nike. These camps will teach you the proper technique and help you become a better player.

Once you are comfortable shooting from close range, you can start shooting from different positions. Shooting from different positions on the court will increase your confidence and improve your form. When practicing, remember to avoid feeling forced because this will mess up your form. Also, try not to shoot out of range since it will lower your confidence in the game.

Another method is to use your elbow when shooting three pointers. Many NBA players use this technique. This technique allows them to jump higher than normal while also hitting the backboard. This shot is a great way to avoid defenders who try to block your shot. This method is not as effective as the normal jump shot, but it can help you get more power and improve your range.

The dip shot is another technique that can help you improve your jump shot. Many players use this technique because it helps them improve their accuracy. The “dip” has been shown to increase jump shot accuracy by seven to nine percent. Coaches can teach their players this technique to help them improve their scoring ability.

Another method is to perform a “kinetic chain” drill, which develops a smooth movement sequence. This method requires a lot of practice, but it is effective for advanced players. A player must be able to accelerate and extend his legs simultaneously. Then, he should raise his arms and execute the throw with his hand at the peak of the jump phase.

Another technique is to release the ball at the peak of the shot. The shooter should also keep their shooting hand in line with the basket. This way, they’ll be able to get the shot and get the bucket.

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